Can a 9 year old watch it? (2023)

Can a 9 year old watch it?

Great film, but not for kids under 13

I recommend this film to everyone who loves slightly disturbing films and TV shows like me but for anyone under the age of 13 you really should not watch it. It's very gory and contains adult language.

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What 9 year olds should watch?

Movies every 9 year old should see
  • It's a Wonderful Life (1946) PG | 130 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy. ...
  • Spirited Away (2001) PG | 125 min | Animation, Adventure, Family. ...
  • Back to the Future (1985) ...
  • Harvey (1950) ...
  • The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (2013) ...
  • Castle in the Sky (1986) ...
  • A Christmas Story (1983) ...
  • The Truman Show (1998)

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How old do you have to be to watch it?

According to the BBFC, It: Chapter Two has officially landed a 15 rating, listing “strong gory violence, horror, language, discrimination” under its rating info. So, it's earned the same certificate as its predecessor – if you're 15 years or older, we hope you enjoy!

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Is 9 okay for kids?

Parents need to know that this dark, futuristic Tim Burton-produced fantasy may be animated, but it's not meant for younger kids.

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How much TV is OK for a 9 year old?

Although some screen time can be educational, it's easy to go overboard, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages media use by children younger than 2 and recommends limiting older children's screen time to no more than one or two hours a day.

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Can a 9 year old watch so awkward?

But overall, this show is gentle and inoffensive, perfect for elementary school students who want to see other kids making mistakes and then learning how to fix them.

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Is 9 a tween?

Kids between 8 and 12 are called “tweens” because they are in between children and teenagers. It's very normal for kids this age to start to move from being very close to parents to wanting to be more independent. But they still need a lot of help from their parents. Kids this age go through big physical changes.

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What do normal 9 year olds do?

Most children by age 9: Enjoy active play, such as bike-riding, swimming, and running games (such as "tag"). Become increasingly interested in team sports. Get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, and get ready without any help.

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Can my 9 year old watch a 12?

Films classified 12A and video works classified 12 contain material that is not generally suitable for children aged under 12. No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult.

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Can a 5 year old watch Y7?

A TV-Y rating means that programming is appropriate for children of all ages. TV-Y7 indicates that programming is designed for chil- dren ages 7 and older. An additional rating, TV-Y7-FV, is used to indicate that a program contains “fantasy violence” that may be more intense or combative than other TV-Y7 programs.

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How old is Pennywise?

The concept of clowns has been traced back to the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt, but the modern circus clown developed in the 19th century, so by the time King's novel is set (the first part of it), Pennywise was around 200 years old.

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Is 9 too old for Disney?

Parents often wonder if their kids are too young (or too old) to go to Disney World. The best age to take a child to Disney World is between 3 and 12 years old, but people of all ages will enjoy the park.

Can a 9 year old watch it? (2023)
Are 9 year olds Moody?

Nine-year-olds are maturing emotionally and becoming more cognitively advanced. They are continuing to grow taller and stronger and they may be mentally ready to excel in sports and other physical activities. But don't be surprised when they suddenly become tired, moody, or change interests day-to-day.

What is age 9 considered?

Significant social and emotional growth gives pre-teens an increasing sense of independence. This feeling of independence means they place greater importance on the world outside their family. They have greater involvement in school, friendships and extra-curricular activities.

Should kids watch Huggy Wuggy?

A horror game character from 'Poppy Playtime' named Huggy Wuggy has been raising concerns amongst parents, police and safeguarding professionals. WARNING: This contains images and details some people may find disturbing. This should not be shared with young children.

What age is TikTok for?

Does TikTok have a minimum age? TikTok's Terms of Service state that users must be at least 13 years old to sign up for an account and have full access to the platform, in compliance with the U.S.'s Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Should a 9 year old have a phone?

Age 7 to 9 – The experts say “no phones.” Sure, you could argue that this is old enough to have a phone, but the brain is still in a serious developmental stage, and all technology has a major impact at this age.

How many kids is too many?

Since having five or more kids is generally the cutoff point for being considered a “large” family, here are all the ways your parenting will change once you hit that pivotal plus-five milestone.

What age watches the most TV?

In 2021, the total average time spent watching TV per day among viewers aged 15 years old or over was 2.86 hours, up from 2019. Aduls aged 65 and above spent the most time watching television at over four hours, whilst 15 to 19-year-olds spent the least time at 1.96 hours.

What is the most awkward age for kids?

Typically, what people call the “awkward stage” takes place at around ages 11-14, making middle school a tough time for most kids. Although we all went through this period ourselves at one point, it can still be challenging to relate to a child who's going through it in front of your eyes.

What age is so awkward?

Common Sense Media's Joyce Slaton says that, the show is an age 10+, and has a 4* rating. The main points on the show were positive role models, representations and messages, along with, surprisingly, sex and violence.

Can a 9 year old watch don't look up?

Don't Look Up is Rated R for language throughout, some sexual content, graphic nudity and drug content which means it may not be suitable for kids under 17.

At what age do boys start liking girls?

First crushes may occur at any time, but generally start at around 10-13 years of age. They are an important step in developing normal and healthy romantic relationships, and provide opportunities to learn how to compromise and communicate.

Are you still a kid at 9?

Around 9 to 12 years old, your child will enter their “tween” years. Also called pre-teenagers, tweens are at the age where they're leaving childhood and entering adolescence. With the onset of puberty during this stage, your child will experience a great number of changes and perhaps you as well as a parent.

Are 10 year olds allowed to swear?

As long as it is conversational and not confrontational, ALLOW IT! Studies have shown that such swearing is actually beneficial for kids. My girls (now ages 15, 13, and 11) grew up in our household with the above rules and they have turned out fine. So yes, let your 10-year-old to cuss!

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