Is it better to watch Squid Game in English or Korean? (2023)

What language should I watch squid games?

The answer? Use “English” subtitles instead of “English [CC]” or dubbing to get the most accurate script translation possible. The reason is because “English [CC]”, which of course stands for closed captioning, is designed for viewers who are hard of hearing or entirely deaf.

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Is Squid Game better in Korean with subtitles or English?

The English dub is very accurate but since the actual series itself is in Korean, I'd recommend watching it in Korean dub if you are fluent in Korean. Korean will be the better option. Watching dramas etc in their original language is the best. But in the end it's your preference.

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Is squid games worth watching in English?

Does that mean Squid Game isn't still worth a watch for those who don't understand Korean? No. The show is spectacular in many ways, and a lot of the story's best parts continue to shine in the English translation.

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Is Squid Game in English accurate?

If you lose? You die. Since its release, Squid Game has ranked in Netflix's top 10 around the globe. But podcaster, critic and fluent Korean speaker Youngmi Mayer has pointed out that both the English dubs and subtitles for Squid Game are inaccurate.

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Why does the English in Squid Game sound so weird?

“It's different for every show, but non-Korean performers often act with dialogue that is translated by a non-native – sometimes even by Google Translate – so it can sound unnatural,” he said.

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Which subtitles are best for Squid Game?

Use "English" rather than "English CC" subtitles for a more nuanced translation. Squid Game is a sensation. Safe to say a whole lot of people are watching Squid Game. The South Korean dark survival drama is Netflix's most successful non-English language show.

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Did Squid Game do well in Korean?

The show certainly has legions of fans in its home country; it debuted in Korea as the number two show on Netflix, and took the top spot just a day later (thanks, in part, to a significant domestic marketing push).

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How do Koreans feel about Squid Game?

Squid Game became the number one K-drama on Netflix in 90 countries. But for South Koreans, Squid Game depicted social and economic issues while also being shocked by its immense success.

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Do Korean kids really play Squid Game?

The Squid Game was actually a real game played by kids and popular in Korea in the 70s and 80s. Here is a guide on how to play the kids' game. Netflix's show Squid Game has been a sensation around the world.

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Was Squid Game a flop in Korea?

Like Squid Game wasn't a big success in Korea. It was almost a dismal failure in Korea. It became this huge thing internationally.”

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