Researchers from Kiev started looking for a beauty gene of Ukrainian women. The first women to research will be participants of the Miss Ukraine 2015 contest.

How is it possible to find a right girl for marriage among a diversity of beauties? What qualities and criteria should an ideal wife possess for a marriage to be long and happy? Everything is very simple&

Every nation has its stereotypes. Many people on the west still think that in Russia there is a constant winter and all Russians still wear cotton wadded jackets to make themselves warm, drink vodka, and walk with bears on leads instead of dogs. However, almost every lonely man can get a Russian woman as a wife. Why is it so?

Beauty, Femininity, Sexuality and Honesty

A Miss Ukraine 2015 contest selection committee initiated a scientific research with an aim of finding a beauty gene of Ukrainian women. An executive director of the national committee of the Miss Ukraine 2015 contest Irina Kopanitsa and a representative of the laboratory of epigenetics of Gerontology Institute named by Chebotarev (NAMNU) Veronika Belskaya announce this in their speech in the UNIAN Agency office.

According to the contest organizers claimants will be, as usual, selected by their appearance, their character, their likes will be studied, but this time girls will be also offered to undergo a DNA test. In the course of the research that will also take into account an information about ones genealogy, physical qualities, personal peculiarities of girls geneticists hope to find a beauty gene common for all the beauties. It means they want to find out what beauty of Ukrainian women consists of from the scientific point of view.

In turn, geneticists assert that a study of Ukrainian population is being already held for a long time. Human beauty has very many constituents from appearance from which castings start to a character and intelligence. All these characteristics have a genetic constituent. Results we are going to acquire will be common traits characteristic of Ukrainian beauty. Probably, well be lucky and get a unique result and itll be a specific gene, suppose the geneticists. An organizing committee will declare results of the research in the final of the contest.


However, organizers of the contest havent exclude that as a result of the research genes of Ukrainian girls generally arent different from genes of, for example, Russian or Belarusian ones. Anyway, we have Slavic roots. Geneticists have already proved that blood in veins of Ukrainian women is for 90 per cent a Slavic one.

Miss Ukraine is a national contest annually held in the country since 1991, and its winners go to Miss World. On the contest site it is admitted that only citizens of Ukraine from 17 to 25 who have never been married and have no children can participate in it.