Researchers from Kiev started looking for a beauty gene of Ukrainian women. The first women to research will be participants of the Miss Ukraine 2015 contest.

How is it possible to find a right girl for marriage among a diversity of beauties? What qualities and criteria should an ideal wife possess for a marriage to be long and happy? Everything is very simple&

Every nation has its stereotypes. Many people on the west still think that in Russia there is a constant winter and all Russians still wear cotton wadded jackets to make themselves warm, drink vodka, and walk with bears on leads instead of dogs. However, almost every lonely man can get a Russian woman as a wife. Why is it so?

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The best Russian girls at our online marriage agency. We will provide you with the best service at any moment. Russian girls are the best candidates for love and marriages. They are considered to be not only the most beautiful, but also the perfect partners for creation a family. The interesting fact is that appearance matters. It doesnt make sense to deny that men appreciate women by their appearance. At first men pay attention on how the women look, only after on her character and inner world. Men will always admire sultry beauties, but as a life partner they prefer to choose modest ladies. Thats why Russian women are the perfect choice for men, as they always take care of themselves, about their appearance, clothes and so on.

We would like to tell you the information about the best qualities of Russian women.

" Be nice. Many men are afraid of very expensive and inspirational women. It is a fact! The winning option is to be nice. Lovely girls attract men sometimes even more than the magnificent beauties.

" The Russian woman is calm and balanced. She knows that there are no needs to scandals, to beat the dishes. Men do not like that. They buy Russian wife and become the happiest men ever. Of course, problems sometimes occur in any relationships. But it is necessary to solve them by sharing the conversation. No hysteria, rudeness, raising voices and screaming.

" They love sex and look sexy. The Russian woman always looks in such a way in order to attract man. She must be always wanted. Without sex it is not possible to create strong relationships. And it is very important that Russian ladies love sex.

" Russian women do not have complexes. Especially related to sex or the appearance (particularly about facts that it is impossible or very difficult to change, such as breast size length of the legs).

" Education, intelligence, wisdom, a wide range of interests. These are features of Russian women. It is important that a woman could talk on many subjects, they try to get the higher education. Russian ladies read a lot, sometimes periodically undergo various trainings and courses are constantly trying to develop themselves, they have own interests and hobbies. However, in this scenario the girl may start to want the same from men. After all, if the girl is constantly working on her character, and the man stops in his development, for example, even after graduation, he at some point may become uninteresting.

" These women are really special. It is never boring to spend time with such lady, she the soul of the company and she tries to do all her best to spend as much time with you, as possible. She always comes up with something new: from ideas where to go and how have fun, up to small improvised unusual surprises-cards (a trifle, but nice!). Russian women is pretty, she has her own style and even some mystery.

" The Russian woman should be in balance of initiative. Of course, the initiative in the relationship is more to come from the guy. It's all true! But the guy does not have to be a leader by 100%. Sometimes the girl should also take the initiative. The same applies to emotions. She also invests in the relationship.

" Tenderness is a very important character trait, which have Russian girl. Tenderness - is something that can be easily and effectively attack the man, keeping him in a difficult moment. Tenderness can create a certain mood in the vast majority of men.

" Romance. The Russian woman is romantic. She is able to organize the gala dinner, to do something unusual and beautiful. Undoubtedly, to maintain the romance in a relationship is mail task. But sometimes a girl must also do something.

" Speaking compliments to the man and support him is one more feature of wife in Russia. Although a man is the stronger sex, but he still occasionally need support and understanding. In addition, the relationship will develop much better if due compliments a man will understand that he needs a lady. Russian woman also repeats that her man is the best, most gentle, the most beloved.

" And the last but not the least is that Russian brides are good housewives. This lady can prepare the chic breakfast / lunch / dinner, put things in order in the house, wash and iron everything for man.

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