Researchers from Kiev started looking for a beauty gene of Ukrainian women. The first women to research will be participants of the Miss Ukraine 2015 contest.

How is it possible to find a right girl for marriage among a diversity of beauties? What qualities and criteria should an ideal wife possess for a marriage to be long and happy? Everything is very simple&

Every nation has its stereotypes. Many people on the west still think that in Russia there is a constant winter and all Russians still wear cotton wadded jackets to make themselves warm, drink vodka, and walk with bears on leads instead of dogs. However, almost every lonely man can get a Russian woman as a wife. Why is it so?

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International marriages are an everyday phenomenon. In their majority marriages are contracted between Russian women and men, citizens of other countries. Experts of dating sites for over 50 assert that many points make men search for a wife from Russia.
If one tries to shortly explain it, well have something like the following:

1. Men abroad enter into relationships much later, while they build their career and enjoy freedom. However, women live on the same principle. And when times come to formalize relations, far not every of them is ready to change her career and freedom for washing, cooking and cleaning the house.

2. Women in western countries during the latest years are on their way to emancipation, and far not every man is ready to put up with feminism ideas. A man, as a rule, needs a stable and dependable family where a woman is a preserver of the hearth. Russian brides see their family life exactly like that. According to pollings, the majority of men want to see a traditional wife near them who would be a perfect housewife.

3. Russian womens beauty. Surely, a man would like to see a beautiful, well-cared-for woman near him who isnt at the same time against working and taking care of children and a house. Such a combination of features, as an experience of international marriages shows, is characteristic of Russian ladies only.

4. Russian women are notable for their warm-heartedness and openness. Such a wife will always give ear, support, and give a piece of advice. Its such a manner of communication that men so much lack in a marriage with their compatriots. Besides, brides from Russia are quite smart and tactful. And it means that men near such wives feel themselves strong, successful and self-assured. Psychologists assert that a man needs nothing but feeling himself valued.

5. Its quite easy to get acquainted with a woman from the former USSR. The easiest and the most accessible variant is, surely, the internet. On dating agencies sites there are dozens of thousands of profiles wishing to get acquainted with men from Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia.