Researchers from Kiev started looking for a beauty gene of Ukrainian women. The first women to research will be participants of the Miss Ukraine 2015 contest.

How is it possible to find a right girl for marriage among a diversity of beauties? What qualities and criteria should an ideal wife possess for a marriage to be long and happy? Everything is very simple&

Every nation has its stereotypes. Many people on the west still think that in Russia there is a constant winter and all Russians still wear cotton wadded jackets to make themselves warm, drink vodka, and walk with bears on leads instead of dogs. However, almost every lonely man can get a Russian woman as a wife. Why is it so?

What criteria are we going to talk about? Not only about outer characteristics height, weight, breasts, waist. Odessa women have always belonged to a category of passionate ones beautiful, sexy, and feminine. Almost all of them are long-legged beauties with nice curves. However, an ideal body and an outer beauty are not an only sign that a woman good for marriage is in front of you. It is much more important to recollect other criteria: intellect, ethical principles, personal qualities&

What is an ideal woman from the point of view of a man? Does she look like a supermodel with long legs and exciting breasts? Hardly&

Really, Ukrainian (and, naturally, Odessa) girls attract the majority of men by their appearance, femininity, and playfulness. Its their trum card. However, it doesnt guarantee that an ideal woman will find herself near you. And a popular opinion that a woman must be a prostitute in bed, have a tempting figure and appearance shouldnt be considered to be a right one. You cant be satisfied with sex only.

In Odessa one can find a completely different kind of a woman ideally fitting for a marriage. Its a girl who has a sense of dignity, values her honor and reputation. Such a girl always in all her affairs will think of a reputation of her man. A rich inner world of a Ukrainian woman and an ability to help a man to feel comfortable, well, and sure is much more important than appearance.

She is well-bred, demonstrate good manners, she is feminine and tidy. She is a good companion who knows how to keep a serious conversation. An ideal woman knows when and what to say for it to be right. She is tender and able to take the heat out of the situation by a good sense of humor (it is in Odessa womens blood) when a man is stretched bar-taut because of life twists.

Yes, certainly, every man has his own set of values by which he decides if a woman near him is ideal or not. However, everyone will look at a lady who sticks to high standards as at a woman of the highest class! If she has a perfect body, beautiful long legs and tempting breasts at the same time, you have double luck. However, while choosing between a body and moral principles, searching for a bride for a long time and a happy marriage, give preference to principles!

High moral principles of Odessa women are a brand. It demonstrates that these brides are really of the highest class.

They are ideal ladies for marriage! And arent you looking for such wife?