Researchers from Kiev started looking for a beauty gene of Ukrainian women. The first women to research will be participants of the Miss Ukraine 2015 contest.

How is it possible to find a right girl for marriage among a diversity of beauties? What qualities and criteria should an ideal wife possess for a marriage to be long and happy? Everything is very simple&

Every nation has its stereotypes. Many people on the west still think that in Russia there is a constant winter and all Russians still wear cotton wadded jackets to make themselves warm, drink vodka, and walk with bears on leads instead of dogs. However, almost every lonely man can get a Russian woman as a wife. Why is it so?

Russian girls are the best candidates for love and marriages. They are considered to be not only the most beautiful, but also the perfect partners for creation a family.

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How is it possible to explain the mutual attraction of mature women from Russia and Ukraine and senior men from Europe and America? There is no secret for anyone that today international marriages are contracted more and more often. English and American, German and Italian, Spanish and French men often become husbands of beautiful Russian women. There is an opinion that men prefer Russian girls as wives because they are tolerant, gracious, and forgiving. Can the reason be just this one?

There is no simple and exact answer to a question what attracts men from different countries in Russian women. Mature women are considered to be better used to housekeeping, are simple and absolutely not demanding. However, one of Russian wives living in the USA positively asserts that demands of a typical American woman are significantly lower than those of a Russian woman. Sometimes a Slavic woman can turn to such a demon that a husband cant be envied. At the same time, some women who are still happy are back at the bottom of the ladder.

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Besides, there is a stereotype about loosers who marry mature women, about foreign men who havent managed to build a family on their homeland, havent achieved anything in business and dont have neither knowledge nor experience or a well-being. However, as statistics shows that among French, American, Spanish, and German husbands there are more and more often well-to-do, even rich people who can make provision for themselves and a family, their wife and future children. They have a prestigious position, have their own dwelling and car. The car is not a luxury for them, but just a means of transport.

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To answer the main question what attracts a man in a mature woman one has to try answering a counter question: why do women from Russia and Ukraine want to marry a citizen of a foreign country? First, they naively believe that on another side of the planet there is their only beloved one. Second, an economical situation in CIS and abroad plays an important role, and jobless fellow countrymen dont attract their attention at all. What about men? They are also disappointed in their fellow countrywomen, also believe in their only one on another side of the world, open pages of dating sites and find thousands of profiles of beautiful and educated Russian women. There is the majority of them on such sites. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Why not venture and try your luck?